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Alo Frut Juices

AloFrut juices with aloevera pulps. It is most refreshing and healthy fusion of aloevera gel, juice, pulp
and fruit blends. Aloevera is known worldwide as a rich source of vitamins, minerals and essential
amino acids. Enriched with goodness of Aloevera. Naturally rehydrating and revitalizing drink makes
a perfect accompaniment to complement any meal.

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Alo Frut Mocktails

AloFrut Mocktails India’s first party drink Party, Functions casual gatherings and Get together with
your friends and family are a guaranteed good time and good times always include the promise of
good drinks, because who doesn’t love them some liquor, we have AloFrut mojito for them. Now no
need to be bore at party just have AloFrut mojito and have fun. Make your party more memorable
and Cool. No need to wait long on the counters for mocktails, no need to think about different type
of taste just bring AloFrut mojito and have perfect taste every time instantly.

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Axiom Karela Jamun Juice Helpful in Lowering Blood Sugar Level

Ayurvedic Swaras

We served these as juice and not the concotion, the juice extracted by grinding fresh green herbs from the machine and placing them in the machine is called swaras. juice have the best properties of herbs, so Problems can be resolve of the patient by juice is very quick.

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Mukti Gold Hair Wash 100% Herbal Products for Skin & Hair care

Beauty & Personal Care

Mukti Gold is the one-stop shop for all your beauty and personal care needs. We have a wide range of products, enriched with aloevera and Ayurvedic herbs, that are specifically designed to help you attain healthy hair & glowing skin.

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