Body oil

We choose the ingredients carefully, ensuring that the natural healing powers of nature are transmitted to your body. Our body oils are enriched with the blend of Maha Naram oil, pind on 6 herbs, Vxshgalbha oil, Nutmeg oil, Kamuor, clove oil, Nirgundi, Sesame oil and eucalyptus oil.

We have come up with Ayurvedic products like Neem Tailm, that contain 100% neem oil. It smoothens the skin, stimulates collagen and rejuvenates dry skin. You can also check out Sehund Tailam, enriched with the powers of Sehund oil. All these serve as a skin toner and keeps away all sorts of fungal infections on the skin. You may also try out our Allrid oil, effective in treating minor inflamed wounds. People experiencing migraine or other types of headaches can immensely benefit from Ayurvedic oils. Besides, if you have headaches caused by traction or vascular factors, the Ayurvedic massage oils can prove effective in treating the same. You must be knowing that Myogenic headache is caused by tension and strain in the muscles. With our oils at your disposal, you can cool down the nervous system and get rid of the headache. People also experience headaches for hormonal, dietary and medical factors too. Buy our Ayurvedic massage oil to stay free from this discomfort.

An Ayurvedic massage oil gives you the same feeling that you feel exactly after meditation. It helps you to concentrate more and achieve peace. In this hectic and busy life, massage proves to be a great stress buster and it is no less than bliss. It has the best property which keeps your body hydrated. It nourishes your body, makes you energetic and most importantly it relieves you from all sort of muscle and joint pain. It removes excess of toxins from your body and makes your skin clearer and refreshing. It makes your body strong and resistant to accidents like tear and fracture of joints or bones. It helps you to deal with one of the most common things, Vata Dosha, which we get easily these days due to excess of stress and work pressure, but hot Ayurvedic massage oil helps you relieve from that helping you to achieve all peace and calmness. It helps you to increase your concentration too and helps you to stay focused and if used regularly helps you stay young forever, this is very beneficial for skin and delays the process of aging.