Corporate Social Responsibility


Axiom ensures that our communities prosper by creating better environment and opportunities.

As per Vedas “The businessmen's objective should be to earn and donate to the deserving. Its his responsibility and obligation towards the mankind". Axiom endorses the same. The community initiatives are linked to sustainability. It is the intent to make a positive difference to the society.

Every year, Axiom dedicates hundreds of man-hours to identify the needs of the communities around us, and fill the gap. Axiom not only creates employment opportunities for the locals around, but also takes steps to improve their health and lifestyle through several initiatives by meeting the basic needs as medical aid, agriculture, water management, and education. Axiom supports education for more than 25 children. Axiom owns a cow shelter where 40 low yielding cows are raised in best possible conditions. 

Axiom has adopted more than 40+ cows in different shelters of India.

Lot of initiatives are taken up for environment sustainability like planting thousands of trees and performing daily yagna. 

Axiom offers free meals daily to more than 300 employees. Axiom also donates for publications of Vedic literature and construction of such holy premises. Celebrating festivals with unprivileged local residents is also one of them.