If you are on the hunt for an effective remedy for sunburn or stretch marks on your skin, try our
Ayurvedic moisturizers. This is a natural remedy against ageing. On using these moisturizers
the youthful charm will be restored in your skin quickly. We use natural ingredients like Aloe
Vera extracts, wheat germ oil, turmeric oil, honey and Ashwagandha extracts in the
moisturizers. The perfect blend of all these ingredients breathes life into the skin, reducing acne
marks. It keeps the skin hydrated all the time, keeping it free from radicals.
Particularly, the presence of wheat germ oil helps in building collagen and maintains an even
tone in the skin. It is enriched with the benefits of Vitamin E. The presence of turmeric oil in the
moisturizer helps in treating inflammation and prevents the sebaceous glands from secreting oil.
The skin gets a new lease of life as the honey makes it glow on regular use. Besides, the
damaged and dried skin greatly benefits from Shrug Ashwagandha, restoring the youthfulness
in the skin.
The anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties of our Ayurvedic moisturizers keep the skin supple
and soft, free from wrinkles. While healing the skin conditions they also promote the growth of
new cells.
You must have heard of the popular Ayurvedic saying that beauty comes from within the self.
We have been researching on this ancient science over the years, producing organic creams
and moisturizers for a natural healing process. If you are looking for an Ayurvedic moisturizer for
better skin, you can explore our range of products and purchase the ones that suit your skin
type. The natural richness of nature is plentiful in ayurvedic products, and they leave no
aftereffect like the commercial cosmetics.
Health-conscious people cannot afford to ignore their skin conditions. We adhere to the beauty
practices of Ayurveda and develop products that can refine your skin. The overall glow comes
from within and strengthens the overall wellness in the system.