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Jeevan Ras Carrot Amla 1000 ml (Pack of 3)

Jeevan Ras Carrot Amla 1000 ml (Pack of 3)

Beneficial for eye health | Increases Haemoglobin

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Helpful for the Eyes

Helpful for the Eyes

Amla supports maintaining and enhancing vision. Its high vitamin C content aids in better vision. On the other hand, consuming carrot juice combined with amla juice preserves eyesight well for a long time.

Helps to Increase Haemoglobin

Helps to Increase Haemoglobin

Vitamin A, which is abundant in carrots and necessary for the synthesis of hemoglobin, is beneficial. It contains beta-carotene, which helps to raise hemoglobin levels.

Useful in Constipation & Acidity

Useful in Constipation & Acidity

Drinking this amla and carrot juice will help those who are constipated move their bowels more easily. By enhancing Pachak Agni (the digestion fire), amla helps to lessen digestive issues.

Promoting healthy skin and hair

Promoting healthy skin and hair

Carrot is Rich in carotene, iron, and antioxidants, amla not only rejuvenates hair follicles but also prevents loss of hair and baldness slowing down the aging process and keeping your skin and hair healthy.

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular Health

The antioxidants and fiber present in carrots and Amla can help to reduce the risk of heart disease. Additionally, Amla has been shown to help lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

Helps Blood Sugar Regulation

Helps Blood Sugar Regulation

The fiber and antioxidants in carrots and Amla can help to regulate blood sugar levels, making it a healthy beverage for people with high sugar levels or at risk of developing diabetes. Amla has also been shown to improve insulin sensitivity in the body.

Helps Blood Sugar Regulation

Supports Immune System

Amla is known for its high Vitamin C content, which helps to boost the immune system. Carrots are also rich in antioxidants and vitamins that help to protect the body against infections and diseases.

  • Rich in Vitamins & Minerals.
  • Useful as a Health Tonic.


Axiom Amla Carrot Juice is an excellent source of vitamins, nutrients, and fibre. The benefits you get from drinking this juice include increasing metabolism and strengthening eyesight.

Improving skin conditions, boosting the immune system, reducing the risk of cancer, lowering cholesterol, increasing calcium levels, and most importantly detoxifying toxins as they build up in our system.


We select fresh, green, naturally matured, sun-kissed herbs, Every herb is carefully hand-picked at its peak making sure it’s not bruised. We gently wash, crush, and press them with nothing added and taken away as we want them to be as nature offered. Then the pure juice is transferred to the automatic filling machines preventing the sunlight and air from affecting the nutritional quality of our juice. Hence you can enjoy the gift of nature in its original form.

Store at room temperature (25-30°C). Protect from moisture and light. Keep the container tightly closed. Keep it out of the reach of children.

18 months from manufacturing.

Manufacture & Packed by: Axiom Ayurveda Private Limited
Ward 15, Rampur Sarsehri Road Ambala Cantt,133001.

Expiry Date: 18 months from manufacturing

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Product's Features

Key Ingredients

Carrot: The Carrot (Daucus carota L.) is one of the most widely used and most important tubers in the world. These vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals , and fibre and are good for your eyes. Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A and beta-carotene. Along with these nutrients, they are a good source of vitamin C, lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin K, fibre, and more.

Amla: There is no denying that Amla is a concentrate of nutrients that prevent and control some of the most common and common diseases, it is an excellent source of vitamin C, therefore it helps to boost immunity and metabolism and prevents viral and bacterial illnesses, including colds and coughs.

How To Use

For long-lasting health benefits, mix 30ml of juice with 30ml of water and consume twice daily. If you take it in the morning, take it on an empty stomach. For the best possible results, take it regularly for 4-8 weeks.

Organisation & Certification

Axiom Ayurveda is serving towards humanity from more than 2
decades, Axiom Ayurveda Swaras are 100% Natural WHO GMP, GLP certified.


Q1. What are the benefits of drinking carrot and Amla juice together?
Ans: Axiom carrot and Amla juice improves skin diseases, strengthens the immune system, reduces the risk of cancer, lowers cholesterol, increases calcium levels and most importantly, when they accumulate in our system, they remove the toxins. People suffering from constipation can drink this carrot and Amla juice and improve their bowel movements.

Q2. Can we drink carrot juice every day?
Ans: Carrot juice and Amla juice are highly nutritious and provide potassium, some carotenoids, and vitamins A, C, and K. Drinking this vegetable juice can improve eye health, strengthen the immune system, and improve skin health.

Q3. Is it good to drink Carrot and Amla juice empty stomach?
Ans: Drinking carrot and Amla juice on an empty stomach in the morning increases the bioavailability of potassium and allows it to be absorbed faster. Amla juice contains antioxidants that strengthen the digestive system and speed up metabolism, which can help you lose weight and improve your body. It improves blood flow in arteries and veins and naturally lowers blood pressure.

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Very good product,for eyes,skin&hair