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Axiom Giloye Tulsi Juice 500 ml

Axiom Giloye Tulsi Juice 500 ml

Improves Digestion | Maintaining Liver health

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Immunity Booster

Immunity Booster

Giloy and Tulsi both are popular herbs in the world of Ayurveda since they are known for their immunity boosting and their properties of bolstering the body's defenses against harmful pathogens.

Helpful For Throat

Helpful For Throat

Tulasi or the Holy Basil is known to contain phytochemicals, bioflavonoids, and anti-oxidant compounds which are a very good anti-microbial agent for treating infections in the respiratory tract. Tulasi is also soothing the throat and reducing inflammation of the chest.

Healthy Respiratory System

Healthy Respiratory System

Giloy juice is known to give a boost to your immune system stronger, makes your respiratory system stronger, and is even known for its anti-aging properties. It can even work as a stress buster with regular intake.

Helps In Illness

Helps In Illness

Giloy acts as an anti-inflammatory, which helps to boost your immunity to fight against Illness and also helps in early recovery. Giloy has a Javarghana property to help to reduce Illness.

  • Helps reduce infections and protects from allergies, flu, colds, and cough.
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps in maintaining liver health.
  • Helps with all kinds of illnesses.


Unlike other Giloy Juices, Our Axiom Giloy juice is grown organically to incorporate the medicinal benefits containing two of the gems of Ayurveda, i.e.,  Giloy Juice and  Tulsi Juice.  We cut only the hard, matured stems because they have maximum nutrition. A sign of maturity is if the stem has other stems coming out of it. We use freshly cut Tulsi plants. Tulsi used for wellness since the ages of ancient Ayurveda.

Giloy is a powerful antioxidant that helps enhance immunity and to reduce hyperacidity.

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Product's Features

Key Ingredients

Giloy: Giloy helps detoxify the body, purify the blood, and fight bacteria that cause various illnesses, including liver disease and urinary tract infections. Diabetes (especially type 2) can be managed by regular consumption of Axiom Giloy Tulsi Juice as it is a hypoglycaemic agent.
Tulsi: Tulsi is popularly known as ‘The mother medicine of nature’. We use freshly cut, nutrient-rich Tulsi Panchang to give an added edge. Modern scientific research provides great evidence that Tulsi reduces stress, increases stamina, relieves inflammation, removes toxins, improves digestion, and provides a rich supply of antioxidants and other nutrients. Tulsi is particularly effective in supporting the blood vessels, liver, and lungs and controlling blood pressure.

How To Use

Shake the bottle well before use, so you get every dose with full of nutrients. Take 20-30 ml of Axiom Giloy Tulsi juice or as directed by the physician. Consume Empty Stomach in the morning and evening.

Organisation & Certification

Axiom Ayurveda is serving towards humanity from more than 2
decades, Axiom Ayurveda Swaras are 100% Natural WHO GMP, GLP certified.


Q1. Will Axiom Giloy Tulsi Juice improve my immunity?

Ans: Yes, Axiom Giloy Tulsi Juice contains fresh Tulsi and organic Giloy extracts, which are powerful antioxidants and antibacterial properties.

Which boost your immune system stronger, considered helpful in treating fever, helps in managing diabetes, makes your respiratory system stronger.

Q2. Can Giloy Tulsi Juice improve liver health?

Ans: Yes, Giloy Tulsi Juice helps detoxify the body and purify the blood. This detoxification process helps keep the liver healthy.

Q3. Can Giloy Tulsi juice be taken empty stomach?

Ans: Yes, usually it is advised to have healthy juices in the morning soon after you wake up empty stomach.

Q4. How soon can I see results after I start consuming Giloy Tulsi Juice?

Ans: For best results, you should consume this product for 60-90 days.

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Fraud company

I didn't got my product. Axiom is company fruad they wanted money. I called several time. They not erasing my queries. This is company fraud

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