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Axiom Chyawanprash 250gm & Flu treat 500ml (Immunity Booster)

Axiom Chyawanprash 250gm & Flu treat 500ml (Immunity Booster)

Kashmiri Keshar | Wild Honey | Plant Originated Vanshlochan

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  • MADE WITH DESHI COW GHEE, KASHMIRI KESAR & WILD NATURAL HONEY: Axiom Chyawanpras is made from desi cow ghee (approx. 7% A2 ghee ) which increases the potency level of chyawanprash. Polyphenolic compounds in several herbs and Wild Natural Honey in chyawanprash are found beneficial in various human degenerative diseases. Kashmiri saffron is considered to be of superior quality because of the higher concentration of crocin – a carotenoid pigment that gives saffron its medicinal value.
  • PLANT ORGINATED VANSHLOCHAN USED: In Axiom Chyawanprash, we used plant orginated Vanshlochan which is beneficial because of its strengthening action and adaptogenic properties. Vanshlochan has restorative effect on body tissues. According to ayurveda, it increases immunity, so it is a main ingredient of Chyawanprash used as immuno-modulator. It is a very effective medicine for cold and running nose. Artificially prepared Vanshlochan is now sold in Indian Market, used in ordinary chyawanprash.
  • MIXTURE OF RARE HERBS & PRAKSHEP DRAVYA: Preparation of Chyawanprash is 48 g of each of medicinal herbs, such as Bael, Agnimanth, Kashmarya, Shyonak, Paatla, Gokshur, Sarivan, Barikateri, Kantakaari, Kakdasingi, Draaksha, Haritaki, Guduchi, Amla, Bala, Bhumyamalaki, Vasa, Jivanti, Kachur, Pushkarmul, Musta, Mudagparni, Mashaparni, Shalparni, Pithawan, Pipali, Kaknasa, Varahi, Vidaarikand, Punarnava, Neelkamal, Aguru, Chandan, Shatavar, and Asgandh.
  • POWER OF RASAYANA: Boost Immunity of respiratory tract, Helps in Detoxification, Maintains heart health, Improve Complexion, Extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, Improve digestion and eases constipation, Helps in all kinds of weaknesses, Eliminating degenerative processes, Antioxidant, Adaptogenic, Immune-Builder, Improves Digestion and Metabolism.
  • POWER PACK JUICE: It Has Giloye Stem Which Helps in All Types of Fever , Tulsi Helps in Cough and Cold. Axiom Flu Treat Juice is Power Pack for You in Season Changing and Fever.
  • COMBINATION OF RARE HERBS : Axiom Flu Treat Juice Has Giloye Stem Juice , Tulsi Panchang Juice , Kalmegh Panchang Juice , Adhusha Leaf Juice. Flu Treat ia a Complete Package Because The Herbs used in this juice helps in All Types of fever, Cough ,Liver Work, Aches,Cold etc.
  • CERTIFICATION AND USES: Axiom Flu Treat Juice is 100% Natural WHO GMP, GLP certified. For best results, consume 20-30ml twice a day or as directed by the physician.
  • MORE THAN 2 DECADES OF LEGACY: Our strongest network of herb growers sources only the purest herbs from indigenous locations in the country. We infuse the expertise of our decades of knowledge to provide you with the best possible results.
  • AYURVEDIC POWER HERB: Guduchi also known as Giloy is the powerhouse of many nutrients and vitamins. It's the finest source of antioxidants that fight free radicals and protect your cells from damage.

 Expiry Date : 18 months from manufacturing

Manufacture & Packed by: Axiom Ayurveda Private Limited
Ward 15, Rampur Sarsehri Road Ambala Cantt,133001.

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