Alo Frut Apple Aloevera Juice 160ML (Pack of 60) - 1 Case | Fruit juice With Aloevera Pulp

Vendor: Axiom


AloFrut, as the brand name suggests, is the most refreshing and healthy fusion of Aloe vera Gel, Juice, Pulp, and Fruit Blends. Aloe vera is a globally known rich source of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. This is a unique fusion of Health and Taste. This juice is full of crunchy, munchy, scrumptious green, red and pink apples that satisfy your inner soul. An apple a day; keeps the doctor away so don't wait, take your sip, engulf the juice and enjoy your day. Try out AloFrut Apple Juice to make different mocktails, cocktails, slush, fruit punch, and salads etc.