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AloFrut Tender Pack Coconut Water 200ml (Pack of 8)

AloFrut Tender Pack Coconut Water 200ml (Pack of 8)

Helps in Weight Management | Vitamins & Minerals

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  • RICH SOURCE OF POTASSIUM: AloFrut Coconut Water from the immature fruit is a superior drink for restoring electrolyte balance during and after sports. You can easily drink before and after playing any sport to stay fresh. The excess amount of potassium present in it also makes it better than any sports drink.
  • WHY TENDER COCONUT: AloFrut Tender Coconut Water has no fat. It is a very low-calorie drink that can easily replace a meal. It can also be consumed before a meal to reduce binge eating among weight-watchers. It also helps in losing weight by removing excess water weight stored due to heavy sodium consumption.
  • BOOST HYDRATION & IMMUNITY: Its hydrating properties helps keep the body full of required fluids. It is refreshing as well as has a slightly sweet and nutty flavour that you would not want to miss. It is also due to the electrolyte composition that keeps the body re-hydrated & boosts immunity.
  • GENERAL HEALTH PROMOTER: Tender coconut water acts like a tonic. It has all the necessary nutrients to fulfill a person’s daily needs. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. It can even be used to feed infants and is a great a source of nutrition.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN BHARAT: From being Pioneers in therapeutic to fruit beverages, AXIOM had always been at the forefront in wellness. With the success of AloFrut, being the most accepted brand amongst the palatable yet healthy juices category; we bring 100% Natural tender coconut water for the curious tongues.
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