Alo Frut Green Tea Pure & natural 25 Tea Bags | Immunity Booster | Stress Reliver | No Added Colour | No Added Sugar | No Added Flavour | Pack of 2

Type: Green Tea
Vendor: Axiom


Brighten up your day with AloFrut  Green Tea. Made up of herbs, it's your daily potion for antioxidants. Boost Immunity, reduce anxiety, uplifts the mood, For a refreshing day, every day. STRESS RELIEVER: Tulsi Green tea helps you wade off your stress. AloFrut Tulsi Green tea plant contains a range of healthy compounds that makes it a nice beverage. POWER PACK TEA: Tea is rich in polyphenols, which are natural compounds that have health benefits such as reducing inflammation. IMMUNITY BOOSTER: Tulsi Green tea contains natural antioxidants that maintains overall body health. WORKS AS A FAT REDUCER : It is the first choice of many weight loss watchers. Its flavor and sugar-free element gives it a unique feature.