Axiom Raw Turmeric 250ml Immunity Booster | WHO-GLP,GMP,ISO Certified 100% Natural Product

Vendor: Axiom


Application : Very effective in invisible injury and fractured bones, diabetes and infection in intestine. Taken with amla juice it can cure gnorrhoea (Prameh rog). Mixed with unrefined (Khand) sugar, it is extremely beneficial in psoriasis, all kinds of itching & skin allergy. Its ointment in milk on application on skin makes it fair, if used with ghee and honey, it helps cures cough. In exercise cold, its steam is extremely beneficial. It can be used instead of common turmeric powder. 

Composition: (each 100ml contains)
Haldi Crush 99.8%
(Curcuma Longa)
Other Ingredients
(Sodium Benzoate) 0.2%

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