Herbasip Detox Juice Shots 50ml (Pack of 6 Shots) || Helps with detoxification || Immunity builder || Helps in digestion ||

Type: skin


Intro - With the goal of providing a nutritious and convenient diet to the nation's youth, we have developed an innovative range of revitalizing juices, rich in essential antioxidants and boosters for the ultimate state of wellness, with zero side effects. Available in easy-to-consume shots, they are convenient to carry, while retaining their natural essence and beneficial traits. Infused with tender bases, they are both delicious and nutritious, and most effective when consumed daily, on an empty stomach. So join us and re-invent the ancient science of Ayurveda, to lead better lives with just a single sip, accelerating healthy living and complete wellness on-the-go, and echoing our commitment to 'Quality, Purity, and Transparency.

1. Conceptualized and
Manufactured at a world-class
GMP certified facility amidst
Serenity in Ambala, Haryana

2. Products distributed across
the globe

1. A delicious base, pure spices
and herbs are prime ingredients

2. All ingredients are carefully
procured from our own farms,
delivering stellar quality