Axiom Mukti Gold Combo Pack of Mukti Gold Herbal Hairwash 500 ml +Mukti Gold Pearly Bodywash 250 ml | Strengthens Hair Roots | Suitable for all skin types...

Vendor: Axiom


  • POWER PACK HAIRWASH: Mukti Gold Hairwash is a herbal shampoo that strengthens the hair while leaving it soft and bouncy. It has a cell repair formula, which repairs the hair quality and helps in rescuing the hair roots. It helps in maintaining long, lovely and strong hair. It is very effective in controlling dandruff if used with Mukti Gold Juice Oil for Hair
  • OVERALL CONDITIONING: MuktiGold Herbal Hair Conditioner can help you keep those flyaway in check. Mukti Gold Herbal Conditioner is a natural hair conditioner so if you have frizzy hair, you can use it to condition your hair and turn your frizzy, kinky hair into the smooth and soft mane. Along with its moisturising properties, it also keeps your hair cuticles closed and retains the natural oils in your scalp, which works like a charm on your frowzy tresses.
  • COMBINATION OF HERBS: Amla, Harar, Coconut, Shikakai, Nagarmotha, Brahmi, Neem, Bawachi, Amba, Arjun, Bhringraj, Rose, Jamul chal, Bahera, Belpatra and Reetha as foaming agent.
  • PIONEERS WITH OVER 2 DECADES OF EXPERTISE. Axiom is the PIONEER in SWARAS CHIKITSA, started in 1995, which is now adopted by many giants considering this as the best way of treatment.
  • CERTIFICATIONS Axiom's highly standardized production facility is accredited with -ISO 22000:2005 -WHO-GMP -FSSAI -Certified by OneCert - Amongst India's top 100 SME's. - Adheres to the highest standards of hygiene"