Axiom Chyawanprash 1kg & karela jamun 500 ml | 100% Natural WHO GMP, GLP Certified Product
Axiom Chyawanprash 1kg & karela jamun 500 ml | 100% Natural WHO GMP, GLP Certified Product
Axiom Chyawanprash 1kg & karela jamun 500 ml | 100% Natural WHO GMP, GLP Certified Product
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Introduction immunity, immune tolerance and autoimmunity. Lives embrace the states of health and disease. Ayurveda, the unbeaten science deals with these states of life. Ayurveda incorporates both the preventive and curative aspects of human ailments, promising it as a holistic science. This holistic approach of Ayurveda resembles to the entire function of Vyadhikshamatva (व्याधिक्षमत्व). This can steer away from the origin and or progression of various diseases. Vyadhikshamatva is a broad concept comprising the whole modern understanding of immunology and other gross and subtle factors paying attention to the prevention and progression of diseases in human body. The least understood arm of immunology is the origin and mechanism regarding development of autoimmune disorders. According to chakrapani Vyadhikshamatva means Vyadhibala Virodhitwa (व्याधिबल विरोधित्व) -it is the strength disease can be cured easily). Vyadhi utpadpratibandhakatva (व्याधि उत्पादप्रतिबंधकत्व) – It is the strength which prevents pathology of disease to start in the body). Thus the concept of Vyadhikshamatva seems to be close to the immunology of modern medicine. In Ayurvedic Science, For the purpose of enhancement of Vyadhikshamatva, Rasayana therapies are used. Rasayana, a branch of Ayurveda, includes a number of specialized approaches aimed at prolonging life, preventing aging and diseases, eliminating degenerative processes, and promoting excellent health. Of all the Rasayana formulations enumerated during the classical and medieval periods, Chyawanprash undoubtedly stands out as the most important. Chyawanprash Chyawanprash comprises two words, “Chyawan” and “Prasha”. The word Chyawan is the name of a sage, and also symbolizes ‘degenerative change’. Prasha denotes a drug that is suitable for consumption. Chyawanprash is an ayurvedic health supplement which is made up of a super-concentrated blend of nutrient-rich herbs and minerals. It is meant to restore drained reserves of life force

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About this item

  • MADE WITH DESHI COW GHEE, KASHMIRI KESARA & WILD NATURAL HONEY: Axiom Chyawanpras is made from desi cow ghee (approx. 7% A2 ghee ) which increases the potency level of chyawanprash. Polyphenolic compounds in several herbs and Wild Natural Honey in chyawanprash are found beneficial in various human degenerative diseases. Kashmiri saffron is considered to be of superior quality because of the higher concentration of crocin – a carotenoid pigment that gives saffron its medicinal value.
  • PLANT ORGINATED VANSHLOCHAN USED: In Axiom Chyawanprash, we used plant orginated Vanshlochan which is beneficial because of its strengthening action and adaptogenic properties. Vanshlochan has restorative effect on body tissues. According to ayurveda, it increases immunity, so it is a main ingredient of Chyawanprash used as immuno-modulator. It is a very effective medicine for cold and running nose. Artificially prepared Vanshlochan is now sold in Indian Market, used in ordinary chyawanprash.
  • MIXTURE OF RARE HERBS & PRAKSHEP DRAVYA: Preparation of Chyawanprash is 48 g of each of medicinal herbs, such as Bael, Agnimanth, Kashmarya, Shyonak, Paatla, Gokshur, Sarivan, Barikateri, Kantakaari, Kakdasingi, Draaksha, Haritaki, Guduchi, Amla, Bala, Bhumyamalaki, Vasa, Jivanti, Kachur, Pushkarmul, Musta, Mudagparni, Mashaparni, Shalparni, Pithawan, Pipali, Kaknasa, Varahi, Vidaarikand, Punarnava, Neelkamal, Aguru, Chandan, Shatavar, and Asgandh.
  • POWER OF RASAYANA: Boost Immunity of respiratory tract, Helps in Detoxification, Maintains heart health, Improve Complexion, Extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, Improve digestion and eases constipation, Helps in all kinds of weaknesses, Eliminating degenerative processes, Antioxidant, Adaptogenic, Immune-Builder, Improves Digestion and Metabolism.
  • CERTIFICATION & DOSES: Axiom Royal Ayurvedic Chyawanprash is a WHO GMP, GLP certified. Chyawanprash can be used by all age groups in every season, as its ingredients nullify the unpleasant effects of intense weather and climate or environmental change. The general dosage of Chyawanprash 1-2 Teaspoonfuls twice a day administered with lukewarm water. Children below 10 years up to half teaspoon twice a day or as directed by physician


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Axiom Chyawanprash

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