Axiom Aloevera Cod 23 (1000 ml) Pack of 2
Axiom Aloevera Cod 23 (1000 ml) Pack of 2
Axiom Aloevera Cod 23 (1000 ml) Pack of 2
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  • FIRST BRAND: Axiom COD 23 Juice was first launched in "Swaras" form (Real Juice Therapy) in 1995 by an Indian Doctor and founder of Axiom Ayurveda. The real juice therapy is blending herbs for its pure juices and with nothing added or taken out, these juices are extracted out in sterilized form, bottled with love for our consumers.
  • POWER PACK JUICE: Power to Work in Stomach Problem , Obesity, and this juice also helps in Constipation and improve digestive system. Regular consumption of Axiom COD 23 juice leads to overall good health and proper functioning of the body. The perfect blend of Punarnava, Lauki, Apamarg to boost your overall health and wellness.
  • BLENDING OF RARE HERBS : Punarnava is very good diuretic ( Increases Urination ) and simulates lipolysis (fat metabolism). Lauki is very effective in reducing excessive cholesterol Level. Apamarag helps in controlling excessive hunger and decreases fat absorption in the body.
  • CERTIFICATION AND USES: Axiom COD 23 Juice is 100% Natural WHO GMP, GLP certified. For best results, consume 20-30ml twice a day with lukewarm water after meals or as directed by the physician.
  • MORE THAN 2 DECADES OF LEGACY: Our strongest network of herb growers sources only the purest herbs from indigenous locations in the country. We infuse the expertise of our decades of knowledge to provide you with the best possible results.