Aloevera Amla Juice 1000ml

Vendor: Axiom


Removes free radicals and detoxify, Stocks iron and calcium for strong bones,
Increases blood and purifies it,
Controls obesity,
Works against diabetes ,
Its a daily dose of nutrition,
Should be taken in constipation, hair problems and heart diseases

Composition: (each 100ml contains)
Pure Amla  Fruit Juice (Emblica Officinalis)  46%
Aloevera Leaf Juice (Aloe Barbadensis)       47%
Wheat Grass Juice (Triticum Aestivum)         5%
Tulsi Panchang Juice (Ocimum Sanctum)    1.3%
Haldi Root Juice (Turmeric)           0.5%
Other Ingredients
(Sodium Benzoate)            0.2%