Alo Frut Ginger Mojito 250 ml Pack of 6
Alo Frut Ginger Mojito 250 ml Pack of 6
Alo Frut Ginger Mojito 250 ml Pack of 6

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Vendor: Axiom


Marketed By: Axiom Ayurveda Private Limited

Ward 15, Rampur Sarsehri Road Ambala Cantt, 133001.

Manufacture & Packed by  

Pushpam Foods & Beverages
Gat no. 104/2A , Borate Vasti ( Nandur)
Tal , Daund , Dist , Pune – 4122002 MS . India



AloFrut Ginger Mojito is brought to you by the house of Axiom. Axiom comes with more than decades of experience in juices. From being Pioneers in therapeutic to fruit beverages, Axiom had always been at the forefront in wellness. With the success of AloFrut, being the most accepted brand amongst the palatable yet healthy juices category;Now Axiom brings Party drinks for the curious tongues with the healthy herb aloevera under the brand Alo Frut. We Launched india’s first party drink with four different flavours : Mint, Kiwi, Blood Orange, ginger. These all drinks infused with apprx. 10% Fruit juice content With aloevera extract. Aloevera is known as a reach source of vitamins , minerals and essential amino acids. Go Ahead Drink It and We ll make more, Alo frut mojito is non-alcoholic party drink enrich with aloevera and with no artificial color & flavors.

Expiry Date : 9 months from manufacturing