Health and Personal Care

Our Aloe Fruit Juice is enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera. It serves as a great source of Vitamins A and C promoting blood circulation and improving the skin texture. Besides, it helps to maintain good eyesight and aids digestion. Aloe Fruit Juice improves memory and fights depression. This healthy fruit blend, along with Aloe Vera pulp, is rich in essential amino acids and minerals. We have also come up with ‘Jeevan Ras’ which is known for its powerful Ayurvedic health therapy. The nutritional juices can cure several specific illnesses, boosting up the immunity in the system. This product has got several exciting variants and all of these are free from chemicals. You may also try our ‘Herbal Shot' that is available on our website for maintaining an overall good health.

Our Jeevan Ras Aloe Vera Juice is an effective tonic for joint pain and arthritis. People suffering from gas and constipation can benefit immensely from this natural product. It also proves beneficial in treating liver and gastric issues while eliminating skin problems. You can try out the Wheat Grass Juice, Bone Powder or Absolute Nasal Drops for treating cough, cold and fever. We have developed certain products for maintaining the health of liver, kidney and spleen. These include Patharchur Juice, Arand Mool Tailm, Kasni Juice and Kaal Megh Juice. You might try out our Tit Fit Capsule and All Rid Oil for maintaining mental wellness. For maintaining the comprehensive health of your body, skin and hair try our Shirish Juice and Absolute Ointment.

In order to maintain an optimal condition of your heart, lungs and blood purchase our Tulsi Juice, Soya Juice or Triphla Juice. We have got several other products for treating diabetes, maintaining sexual health and getting good sleep. Explore our website to find the Shrifal Juice, Sandpushpa Juice, Ashavgandha Root juice, Kachi Haldi and Bala Juice. For treating joint, muscle and bone pain, you may buy Pain Powder and Neem Oil. We have also come up with Ayurvedic products for pregnancy and women’s health like Bakayan Swaras and Yonipushpa juice.